Why Vince DelMonte says that Skinny Guys Should Ignore all the Advice in Bodybuilding Magazines if You Really Want to Pack on the Shredded Muscle…Read this No Nonsense Muscle Building Review to find out…

If you’re genetically programmed to be skinny and little it can be hell’s own job to manage to build muscle.  But when a WBFF pro fitness model comes right out and says that what the industry is telling you is a pack of lies, then this is sure to raise a cynical eyebrow or two.

But hold on a moment.  Because former long distance runner, Skinny Vinnie (Vince Delmonte), was certainly well named – but look at him now.  Ripped and shredded, and has gained a massive 41 pounds of muscle.  We need to take a look at what this guy is saying – so read on for the lowdown on, as Vince calls them – the 5 dirty little lies of the bodybuilding industry.

What do you get for your money?

No Nonsense Muscle Building 300x250 No Nonsense Muscle Building Review   Vince Delmonte Workout

OK – so this is the third edition of Vince DelMonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building, so let’s take a look and see what’s new and different, and exactly what you can expect to receive.

  • The Beginner-Intermediate 29 Week Step by Step Intensive Workout Program.  This is where you get instant access to the complete 29 week program on a ‘secret’ website – exactly the same as Vince used when he gained that incredible 41 pounds of pure muscle in six months. 

You’ll also get access to a year’s worth of workouts, including 3D animated pictures that show you the exact right way to perform the each exercise to maximum effect.

Program details for each of the workouts, leaving you in no doubt as to the amount of sets, reps, rest and tempo in order to skyrocket you towards the very best results possible.

Tips and advice for each workout, including verbal exercise descriptions.

A calendar and log book for you to track your progress and meet your goals.

Access to a private, member’s only forum where you can chat to other trainees, ask questions and even talk to your coach.

  •  The Advanced 29 Week Step by Step Max Power Workout Program.  For those who’ve already got a few solid training years behind them, this is where you get to leave that comfort zone way behind and take your training and muscle gain up to a whole new level…
  • Upside Down Training Program – Kick Start Program.  This is where you get to correct any training issues before you commence training.  These include poor heart and lung strength, weak core muscles, poor posture, under developed body parts and much much more.
  • Empowered Nutrition – 84 Day Healthy Meal Plans: The Hardgainers Secret Weapon.  Does exactly what it says on the tin….
  • The Insane Virtual Exercise Demonstrator.  This is Vince’s own proprietary database that shows you how to complete every exercise included in the program.
  • The Metabolic Growth Calculator.  A fantastic tool that means you no longer have to even understand about resting metabolic rate, caloric costs of activity and other scientific terms.  Simply enter in your details and this little baby does everything for you, and gives you the results in terms that anyone can understand.
  • The Supplement Watch Files – Vince’s personally reviewed nutritionals collection.
  • The Exclusive Unforgivable Sins Audio Expose – Because you need to know exactly what not to do in order to gain the muscle you long for.
  • Your Instant 24/7 Fitness Coach – An accumulation of every single question Vince has been asked since the release of the program.
  • Unlimited E-Book Updates – Because this is an ever-evolving program and once you’ve bought it, you never need to worry about using outdated workout methods again.

You also get the No Nonsense Muscle Building DVD and access to the Private Member Zone.

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Who is it for?

No Nonsense Muscle Building is a great program for bodybuilders, fitness professionals, sportsmen, sportswomen and anyone who truly wants to push their fitness levels to the max.  Although it’s targeting those who’re on the lean, skinny side, the tips and tricks that are revealed in No Nonsense Muscle Building are relevant to pretty much everyone – after all, it’s everyone’s goal to drop the fat and build muscle, whatever your sport or discipline.

And because it covers from beginner right through to advanced, it doesn’t matter what stage of your fitness journey you’re at – the programs got it covered.

Who is Vince DelMonte?

Vinnie is a former long distance runner turned bodybuilder and fitness model.  He gained his nickname, “Skinny Vinnie,” from his lean look gained from his sport, plus his inability to manage to gain weight and muscle.  But a chance meeting saw him discover why he just couldn’t get the physique he so desired – and change it, forever!  This saw Vince on his way to becoming an international hard body and Canadian fitness model champion – and led to him becoming known as ‘”the skinny guy savior!”

Now Vince is well known in the bodybuilding and fitness world, regularly writing for some of the top health and fitness magazines, sharing his incredible knowledge with those who thought they too were destined to remain a slave to their body type for the rest of their lives.

The Pros

  • One of the best things about the program is the detail that’s provided for each and every exercise.  There’s no guesswork or doubt as to exactly what you need to be doing to ensure you get maximum effect from each and every rep.
  • By ensuring that you’re working out in the right manner, and correcting any issues before the hard work begins, No Nonsense Muscle Building will help minimize any risks of strain and injury, so cutting down the amount of time needed to reach your goals.
  • You learn exactly why the fitness industry doesn’t want you to know the whole truth about bodybuilding.
  • The program is designed to individually help your personal body structure to improve – not to just follow the herd and do what everyone else is doing.  Bodybuilding is definitely NOT a case of “one size fits all.”
  • You get results – pure and simple.  Along with easy access to all your questions, and the advantage of being able to communicate via the forum with others who’re following the same program.
  • 60 Day No Risk Money back guarantee – check it out.  If you don’t like it get a no questions asked refund

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The Cons

  • Well – it’s not a miracle cure, and following Vince’s program is still gonna be a whole lot of hard work.  But if you’re not prepared to put the effort in, then how on earth can you expect results?
  • Oh – and you’re going to have to splash out on a whole new wardrobe.  Because your old clothes sure ain’t gonna fit once the muscle starts to pile on.

The Bottom Line

Okay, Vinnie – this is certainly one kick-ass program.  What we really like about it (apart from the fact that it works), is how in-depth it goes, without becoming overly “sciencey!”  After all, if you wanted to purchase an anatomy and physiology program you’d have done so.  But what you want is to learn how to get the body to die for – and No Nonsense Muscle Building sure does deliver.

Work hard, play hard and train in the most advantageous way possible.  Vinnie’s program shows you exactly how to get the muscle building results you want – in the shortest possible time.  Oh – and don’t forget the 60 day, no-quibble money back guarantee, meaning it really is a no-risk purchase.  Makes it a no-brainer, in our humble opinion…

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Yup you read that right.  Vince Delmonte is coming out with No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 and I will have a review of the new program before it even comes out.

He’ll be releasing NNMB 2.0 along with his brand new contest prep DVD - Stage Shredded Status... a 4-6 hour DVD featuring his entire prep for his show in hopes of earning his Pro Card to compete at the World Championships.win No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 Review Vince Delmonte Is Coming

This will be a 3-day combo deal, with an incredible 3-day offer.  The DVD will be hardcopy too and might be bundle up with the 2.0 version of NNMB hardcopy as well for a sick, boxed up package.

If you don’t know, Vince Delmonte will be competing April 16th and after the show, so he is going to be looking super jacked and the anticipation for the Stage Status Shredded DVD will be NUTS.

It all happens April 26-28.  But don’t wait…
you can still get Vince’s No Nonsense Muscle Building 1.0 <===$1.00 Trial

And then you will automatically get the upgrade when it comes out icon smile No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 Review Vince Delmonte Is Coming That’s the best deal.

To keep in touch of when the latest news or when I do my No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 Review, then sign up for the list on the right.

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